Franklin's Brewery

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Malty Mark and the Hoppy Bunch

The Hippity Hoppity Series
Volume 2

Come on sniff it.
Come on sip it.
It's such a good emanation.
It's such a bitter sensation.
I've a got my pint so get yours.
I wanna see lupulin comin' out your pores.
Strictly High Alpha-Hop boy, I ain't slingin' this.
I’m sippin’ this.
Bringing this to Franklin’s nation.
Come on come on.
Sip it sip it.
Taste the sensation.

The second installment in the Hippity Hoppity Double IPA series is Malty Mark and the Hoppy Bunch. As the name would suggest, a malty profile was sought for this beer, so almost 50% of the grain bill was Munich,Vienna and Cara-Vienna malts. This helped bring out a richer malt character to go up against a bunch of hops (pun intended). Kettle additions were Warrior,Centennial and the unlikely Saaz. Saaz is a noble hop of Czech heritage with a profile that typically resembles earthy,herbal and spicy flavors/aromas. Its not really known for its use in IPA, but I've had some really nice Imperial Pilsner done with Saaz and wanted to try it out myself.The beer was later dry hopped with a blend of Saaz, Centennial and Amarillo, the latter two giving off more of that familiar Pacific Northwest character of fruity citrus.

The result is a double IPA with a rich orange color and white head. The nose is a unique blend of herbal spice and mellow citrus. The flavor hits you with a big bitterness and warming malt sensation, leading into a long lingering bitter finish. Overall, this Double IPA is unlike anything I've ever brewed before, it truly has its own unique hop character and I encourage you to try it for yourself and give me your feedback.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Bear with us

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you all a heads up to the goings on around here and apologize for any inconveniences you might encounter in the upcoming weeks. We've been having some major issues with our chilling system that controls our fermenters and because of that have had a long layoff in between batches. We're now running at about 40% so I was able to get two brews in this past week, IPA and Blonde, and we hope after some upcoming repair work the Death Star will be fully operational. In the meantime there might be some gap in time of certain brands running out until we can get them on tap again, so please bear with us. We're not going to be even close to running out of beer, but we may not have every brand available. So maybe this is a chance to try something new and hopefully in a couple weeks things should be back to normal-The Franklin's Way.

Hope ya'll having a great summer.