Franklin's Brewery

Friday, December 24, 2010

Old Miser

Its that time of year again when spirits are merry and tidings are good. Sometimes this can get a bit overwhelming and when it does sometimes you need a little something to take things down a notch. That's where our Old Miser steps in with its rich warm malt body,hint of molasses, mellow fruitiness and 8.5% ABV to take the stress off the holidays. Who knows, after a glass or two you might actually find yourself with more cheer than before.


Highland Hugh

Scotch ales are big bold statements of a beer. They fill you with sweet warm cheer and never leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Our Scotch ale is no different as its brewed with a thousand pounds of malt and a touch of dark brown sugar. We also take the time to slowly caramelize a portion of the wort in the kettle by preheating it, allowing it to slowly trickle in and boiling it down. What's left is a full bodied dark copper ale rich in caramel malt sweetness and a warming alcohol presence. Highland Hugh is named after Hugh Colston, a long time friend of Franklin's. I first met Hugh almost a year ago upon my arrival. Hugh welcomed me with a sweet warm cheer and always had a great story to tell me. Farewells are never an easy thing in life, so instead we'd like to say welcome Hugh, with a beer that we hope brings as much warmth and good times as you did.