Franklin's Brewery

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Golden Opportunity

Belgian season has begun. Our first Belgian-style of the year is in the fermenter as of this afternoon, Golden Opportunity should come in at about 6.5% and hit the taps in three weeks time. This beer has many distinctive firsts for me here at Franklin's, but the most interesting one is that it was the first beer that I got to use my new grain hopper on. Previously mashing in required two people, one in the cellar pouring no more than one 55 pound bag at a time of malted barley into the hopper which dropped into the mill and was then sent two stories up to the brew house and one at the mash tun controlling temperature and water flow. Now thanks to Papa Franklin and the boys over at Metal Fab Inc. who built us a stainless hopper that holds 1000+ pounds of grain,I can pour the malt in the night before and be ready to mill in the morning without the need for additional help. Here are some pictures of what she looked like on arrival and after being set up in place.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Wort Bites The Dust

Another day, another batch knocked into a fermenter. Today it was our Sierra Madre,which will not be ready in time for when our current batch runs out, but sometimes that's just how the barley kernel crumbles. On a happier note our Belgian yeast shipment arrives tomorrow (Wednesday) and I'm excited to say I'll be brewing a string of Belgian styles in the upcoming month or so. Tentative names include Golden Opportunity(6.5%),Dubbel(7%),Tripel Bliss (8-9%) and an unnamed Belgian Strong Dark Ale (10-11%).Maybe you have an idea for a name,email it to me and if we use it you'll win....something.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Out of the dark and into the light with tears of joy. That was what I was feeling a few weeks ago when it finally sank in that I was moving south to Maryland to take on the new challenge of brewing at Franklin's Restaurant, Brewery and General Store. I'm happy to say now on January 23 2010( three weeks into the job)that the 16+ hour car ride without a radio,dining at rest stops on the Jersey Pike and a six hour interview with Mike "Papa" Franklin have been all been worth it and that feeling still resonates.

So with that said, onto the beer. The brewery itself despite its quirks is in good working order. There's a few odds and ends that need some touch up but overall its a setup that will produce good beer. Speaking of beer,I'm happy to announce that my first two batches, an American Strong Ale and a Porter are in the fermenter as we speak. Franklin's is planning a "Meet the Brewer Night" on February 9th at 6:30p.m. where we will debut these two new beers. I'm looking forward to meeting all the regulars and newbies.

Peace,Love,Beer-Mike Roy