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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hop E Soul

The Hippity Hoppity Series
Volume 3

Beer glass beer glass on the bar
Tell me beer glass have I gone too far?
Could it be this watering hole
Or is it just my Hop E. Soul
What I brew ain't make believe
I brew it honest that's no lie
But when it comes to being Hop E
It's just me myself and rye

The third installment in the Hippity Hoppity Double IPA series is Hop E Soul. This beer is probably the most unique so far in the series as it utilizes a large percentage of malted rye in the grist bill which brings out an interesting spice character. Combined with heavy handed usage of Chinook,Liberty and Columbus hops it electrifies your palate with green bitterness,floral and citrus accents. Orangey-copper in color with a thick light tannish head, the aroma hits your nose with floral,citrus and spice. Its full body stickiness coats with an impression of bitter oranges and spicy grain as its 8.7 % ABV warms your mouth as it trickles towards its final resting place.

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