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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Imperial Stout

I've always equated brew days to starting pitcher's once-every-five-day appearance, even though starting pitchers are doing other activities behind the scenes on their "days off" we only really seem to focus on them when they're "working." As a brewer I feel much the same way as I often feel brew days are the easiest day of the week because you get to take the mound,toe the rubber and do what you love...which often doesn't feel like work, unless you brew Imperial Stout.

Beers like Imperial Stout can not only test you physically but also mentally...and sometimes emotionally. This beer is actually the make up of two seperate batches in order to fill our fermenter since its a very high gravity beer. This starts with over 2,000 pounds of grain including English Maris otter pale malt, caramel malts and dark roasted malts. Each batch averages a 4 hour boil (90 minutes is our usual standard) in which we add 34 pounds of hops to balance the plethora of sugar derived from the abundance of malt. After fermentation which we implemented two different yeast strains,one Scottish and one American we aged the beer for 3 months before serving.

Thankfully all this time and effort results in something so worth the wait as our Imperial Stout fills your stomach and spirit as solidly as it fills our glass. Rich with roast and chocolate notes,viscous ,bittersweet and warming to the swallow. It should help take the chill out of the winter months and keep you warm through the spring.

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