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Friday, March 30, 2012

Anacostia Ale

The river that spawned a beer, not the first time in history a waterway has influenced brewing. Historically breweries (as many industries) located themselves along rivers to have easy accessibility to water for their day to day uses. Obviously today with water and waste systems in many municipalities its easier to locate a brewery away from your natural resources. That doesn't mean that these natural resources are any less important and we recognize that. Here locally in the D.C. Metro we're very thankful to organizations like the Anacostia Watershed Society.

In the spirit of these efforts we here at Franklin's decided to partner up with AWS and spread the word, by brewing Anacostia Ale in hopes of bringing more attention to protecting and restoring our natural resources is an important issue.

Anacostia Ale is an amber colored ale that starts out with an assertive upfront bitterness that leads into a toasty malt body with a crisp dryness. Very sessionable at just over 5% ABV this ale is brewed with a large percentage of German Munich malts and hopped with Vanguard. Re-pitching yeast from our 10th Anniversary Ale and fermenting cool to help keep this beer clean and minimize fruity esters.

Drink the beer, save the river...or better yet get involved, learn how through the link above. Link

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