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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hooray new beers!

If the release of our new restaurant menu this week isn't exciting enough we're also tapping three new beers- Petite Fleur & Rubber Chicken's Revenge (currently on tap) and this weekend Mic Czech. A bit of background on these beers:

Petite Fleur is a Belgian ale brewed with flowers and checks in at 5% ABV. Brewed from the second runnings of our 97 Pound Weakling and flavored with Chamomile,Heather and Elderberry flowers as well as Rose hips. Its deep golden in color with a sweet fragrant aroma of Chamomile, light bodied with herbal and floral bitterness that finishes dry.

Rubber Chicken's Revenge is a take on the double red ale (8.1% ABV), or as some see it an amber colored I.P.A.. Starting with the same grist ratio as we make the Rubber Chicken Red with, the malt was increased and its hopped like many of our double India pale ales including being dry hopped twice. It comes at you with an aroma of fresh hops,citrus,tang,dank. The first sip will release an upfront assertive bitterness, packing a large dose of malt and an even larger dose of American citrus hops. It finishes with a feeling of be clobbered by hops and you will feel like you will need to scrape them off your teeth.

Mic Czech is the second go around of our take on the Bohemian Pilsner or Pilsener if you prefer. Made with practically all pilsner malt and a touch of light carapils malt keeps it light golden in color and medium bodied. Going the traditional route its hopped with 100% Czech Saaz giving it a herbal and spicy character. Fermented at cool temperatures and lagered at near freezing temperatures, its been a 7 week process from grain to glass. At 5.8% ABV its on the higher end of the spectrum for the style, but drinks as if it were much lower.

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