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Friday, June 15, 2012

Batch 600, brewed and put to bed

Well its done, another landmark, batch 600 is brewed and in the fermenter, now we wait. The grist hopper smelled great as it was topped with smoked cherry wood smoked malt, very reminiscent of slow smoked barbeque. We mashed this in and more great malt aromas came forth from a grist bill including Maris Otter,Biscuit,Crystal and Cherry wood smoked malt.

Hopped with a blend of Cascade,Columbus and Liberty hops to provide some balancing bitterness, but let's not be mistaken this is intended to me a malt forward beer. In addition we added two interesting sugar sources, the first a dark Belgian candi syrup and the second maple syrup from Littleton, NH.

Lastly this was the last batch of beer that intern Mike Matis helped brew as he's moving to FL and on to bigger and better things. Many thanks to Mike for his time and help in the brewery over the last few months.
Updates to follow on batch 600 including tasting notes, I know,but someone has to do it.

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