Franklin's Brewery

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Out of the dark and into the light with tears of joy. That was what I was feeling a few weeks ago when it finally sank in that I was moving south to Maryland to take on the new challenge of brewing at Franklin's Restaurant, Brewery and General Store. I'm happy to say now on January 23 2010( three weeks into the job)that the 16+ hour car ride without a radio,dining at rest stops on the Jersey Pike and a six hour interview with Mike "Papa" Franklin have been all been worth it and that feeling still resonates.

So with that said, onto the beer. The brewery itself despite its quirks is in good working order. There's a few odds and ends that need some touch up but overall its a setup that will produce good beer. Speaking of beer,I'm happy to announce that my first two batches, an American Strong Ale and a Porter are in the fermenter as we speak. Franklin's is planning a "Meet the Brewer Night" on February 9th at 6:30p.m. where we will debut these two new beers. I'm looking forward to meeting all the regulars and newbies.

Peace,Love,Beer-Mike Roy


  1. Happy to have you on board Mike. I look forward to being your guinea pig!


  2. welcome to the neighborhood! I moved here only last June, but already consider myself a loyal regular at Franklins. Looking forward to trying out your latest creations!

  3. Meghan & Larry,

    Thank you both, I look forward to twisting your arms to try my latest creations.


  4. Welcome to Maryland! I'm the person who comes to Franklin's every week and doesn't ever have beer. Perhaps you will change that! I wish you the best in your new endeavor!

  5. Hi Kim,
    Thanks, Maryland has treated me well so far.Cool to hear you're a regular, but why no beer may I ask?

    Oh,by the way Harold and Maude starts at the Landmark E St on Feb.5th ;)

  6. I was told last night at our weekly foray to Franklin's that I have a dislike for ales, and might prefer lagers. I tend to like sweet, smooth beers - the kind that people are generally derided for liking. I did enjoy some Mission Accomplished though!

    The Belgians sound promising!

  7. Kim,Kim, put a new twist on an old cliche that I coined myself many years ago in a brewery far far away, maybe its not that you don't like ales, but that you just haven't found the ales you like yet.

    More to the point, don't let anyone get you down for what you like. Our taste buds do change and evolve, but we all have to start somewhere.