Franklin's Brewery

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Wort Bites The Dust

Another day, another batch knocked into a fermenter. Today it was our Sierra Madre,which will not be ready in time for when our current batch runs out, but sometimes that's just how the barley kernel crumbles. On a happier note our Belgian yeast shipment arrives tomorrow (Wednesday) and I'm excited to say I'll be brewing a string of Belgian styles in the upcoming month or so. Tentative names include Golden Opportunity(6.5%),Dubbel(7%),Tripel Bliss (8-9%) and an unnamed Belgian Strong Dark Ale (10-11%).Maybe you have an idea for a name,email it to me and if we use it you'll win....something.


  1. idea for a march madness themed special - a tripel dubbel. nitro dubble sitting on top of a tripel a la black and tan.

    dunno if the gravities will work out for that, but i'd drink it.

  2. Interesting idea....its at the very least a nice idea for a blend. Personally I've never been a fan of layered beer, it looks pretty and all...but I love blending!

  3. yeah a blend would be good too. really any excuse to work a basketball type theme into a beer will probably move some pints, but i'm sure that's not the primary concern.

    best of luck! i hope to be seeing you around soon. any plans to be there on a thursday night?

  4. John,
    Thursday is my volleyball night....ok quit your laughing. Shoot me an email of when you might be coming down and I will see about stopping by after my game.