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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Belgium comes to Hyattsville, The Black Stuff and Bee Stings

I'm happy to announce that we've tapped Golden Opportunity and its pouring quite nicely. It checks in at 6.5%, though unfiltered is clarifying nicely via time and cold temps. Its successor, and soon to be metaphorical big brother the Belgian Dubbel has finished fermenting. At 6.8% its a much richer,fully bodied family member with a toasted malt profile.Its going to need some lagering time rounding out some of its flavors but expect to see it in early March.

The horizon here at the brewery is also showing signs of Irish cheer and warmer spring days to come. In the fermenter this week is an Irish-style dry stout, expect it to be dark with lots of roasted malt goodness and very sessionable. For anyone who has not been around a mash tun with lots of roasted barley in it, its much like a big pot of coffee...yet different. I don't drink coffee, but sipping first runnings from the mash is a similar experience of drinking roasty goodness except I still have $5 in my pocket and I'm not wired on caffeine.

The delivery guy stopped by this week and dropped off a 5 gallon/60 pound pail of Orange Blossom Honey for me. What do I have in store for it you ask? Well I'm going to add it to a beer of course. Some hints, think about Southern Florida,wheat and Crockett & Tubbs.

Thats all for now, more to come soon.

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