Franklin's Brewery

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow,liter flip tops and Rubber Chickens

I'm not quite sure how long I've been fond of Rubber Chickens, and frankly some things are best left a mystery. That said I've always found them to be timeless,humorous and one of life's great constants. If its possible to be an animated inanimate object then the RC is it. Apparently 30 foot tall RC's are hard to come by, thus why Franklin's has a beer called Rubber Chicken Red and not a giant RC perched on its rooftop overlooking Baltimore Avenue. This week I got to brew again(life is good) and the RC Red was my task. While transferring the wort(unfermented beer) from the kettle to fermenter I saw it, the beautiful fried egg of a beer or as I like to call it, the "trub cookie". Now don't let your digestive juices start flowing just yet,the trub cookie isn't really a cookie, besides what the heck is "trub" anyway? Well simply put its the material leftover in the kettle when the wort is transferred out. When it first starts to appear in the kettle as the wort volume lowers it makes its birth looking like cookie dough(hey its steamy in there and my imagination not to mention low blood sugar can get the best of me), hence where the term "cookie" derived.So check out the pic and take a look at a Rubber Chicken Fried Egg or trub cookie as I like to call it.

Well a little fun update to report,on Friday while the area was being threatened with a down comforter layer of snow, we received a drop shipment courtesy of the fine people up at Duclaw Brewing.We were able to get our hands on their former single head bottle filler and just under 2000 liter flip top bottles. So be on the lookout for some small specialty bottles available in our general store.


  1. This is very good news! Can't wait to sample your new brews. Not being able to get to Franklin's is the worst part of being snowed in. (We came by Friday just as y'all were pulling out.)

  2. Jo, I can't wait either, though it appears Mother Nature is trying to slow down people's consumption as she's got another storm heading our way tomorrow.

  3. Mike, it was great meeting you and the Hop Zen was very good and I am looking forward to your other beers. Thank also for a taste of whats to come, I can see alot of good belgian beers in my future.

  4. Anytime Brandon.I look forward to those Belgians as much as you do.