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Monday, April 19, 2010


^^^^^^^The new Blonde straight from the filter^^^^^^^

Watch out for these things, sometimes they appear out of nowhere, suck you in and make you not update your blog for three weeks...

In case anyone has been wondering what's been going on here at Franklin's, I'll give you the lowdown. The last few weeks has seen some new beers,revisions and old "new" favorites return.

First things first I'm happy to report our new batch of Bombshell Blonde hit the taps a couple weeks ago and I'm really happy with the results. There were no big changes with this beer, only a slight modification, but the results are highly noticeable. The major change with this beer was the use of our new house yeast which I implemented a "pseudo lager" fermentation. Fermenting this beer at lower temps (mid 50s F) helps make this beer much cleaner,smoother,crisper and anymore adjectives you'd like to throw on here. The result is a beer that although technically an ale resembles a lager due to its decrease in fruity esters and cleaner,crisper finish.Its already gaining more sales then the its previous versions and the weather is just starting to warm up, look out summer!

We've also tapped a new Belgian-style Tripel named Tripel Bliss. At 9% ABV this interpretation is quite legit as it incorporates a mix of fruit esters,delicate spice, candy sugar sweetness and a touch of alcoholic warmth underneath it all. Made with primarily Belgian Pilsner malt and a large addition of sugar this beer has enough complexity to continue to develop as it ages but is highly drinkable even now at eight weeks.

Finally we've tapped our encore batch of Golden Opportunity, but who am I kidding, this beer will no doubt be making more regular appearances throughout the year as time/space allows.Enjoy it while its here, if history is any indicator, it won't make it through Maryland graduation.
Every job has its perks.

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