Franklin's Brewery

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Extended Spring Training

Greetings y'all, its been quite the interesting spring and things are blooming here at Franklin's. Business seems to be rising with the thermometer so to help battle this upcoming heat we'll be releasing our Belgian-style wheat ale entitled Witty Twitty.

Belgian-style witbier (white in Flemish is wit,bière blanche in French),is traditionally a top-fermented(ale) beer that gets its name from the high percentage of wheat and yeast used in the recipe. Wheat proteins as well as a yeast that stays in suspension cause this beer to look very cloudy/hazy and since the beer is very light colored the appearance is said to be white( to me its more reminiscent of lemonade). This style derives from an age when hops were not common place in brewing and other flowers,herbs and spices were used to balance the sweetness by providing bitterness.

Our take on this style produces a brilliantly unfiltered and hazy ale with a fluffy white head. Its refreshingly light bodied and tart with subtle fruit and spice character. Look for it on tap this week!

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