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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Championship Week

Its that time of year again, when the best of conference match ups collide head to head. This week its been Mike vs. Private IPA, Mike vs. Bombshell Blonde and Mike vs. Miami Weiss- all worthy competitors. They were all hard fought battles but I'm happy to say they all went down like the sweet little unfermented worts that they are and are currently under lock and key in the fermentation room. Look for the Miami Weiss to hit the taps sometime around March 25th-ish, I think this is one of the most interesting beers I've made in a while and will no doubt be a perfect accompaniment to the spring weather ahead.Its a Orange Blossom Honey Wheat with orange zest.If you're wondering about Orange Blossom Honey its described as "juicy" honey, sweet with hints of citrus or as I like to refer to it in technical professional brewer terms, "yummy". This past weekend was highlighted by the tapping of our Belgian Dubbel and Dry Stout, which we are serving on nitrogen through a stout faucet as well as straight CO2, so take your pick which version you like,just promise me you'll try both.

A little beer conditioning up date, kind of like the progress report you got at school, the Tripel Bliss (Belgian Tripel) and Double IPA are really starting to take shape. The Tripel finished at 9% ABV and is really started clean up nice, its very smooth on the pallet considering its warmth. The Double IPA do I say...hoppy, there I said it. It finished out at 8% ABV and is slowly dropping yeast which helps bring those hops a little more forward each and every day.

Well I'm off now to a food show at Fed EX Field, I'm hoping to come across some nice specialty glassware that we can serve our high gravity and half pour Belgians in.

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