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Monday, March 15, 2010

Hop Madness is almost here!

Near daily quality assurance tastes straight from the fermenter are telling me to stop hoarding good hop juice, its time to share this with you all. So in honor of our nation's celebrated student athlete peach basket tournament I give you Hop Madness. This week, that's right, just in time to follow your brackets, a Double I.P.A. to sooth your #4 seed losing to a #13...hey it happens, I could have warned you. Hop Madness checks in at 8.0% ABV and a wheel barrel full of IBU's( International Bittering Units, which correlates to....lets just say its bitter). I loaded this DIPA with plenty of Simcoe and Columbus, but just to be sure I added more Simcoe and Columbus. Wash,rinse,repeat, you get the picture by now. There's no telling how long this beer will last on tap, but if the sales of Hop Zen are any indication this probably won't make it much past the deciding game in Indy.



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