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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bees do it

No, not that, they make honey, glorious,glorious honey.

Deep down inside all of us lurks a character that you would not simply match with what you know about someone's background. For me its that despite being from Northern New England a large part of my heart and soul is actually that of a Southern boy. Make all the jokes you want, but its not going to keep me from being ashamed of the fact that I enjoy collard greens, dirty rice and of course biscuits.

If only one could drink a biscuit.....

Our newest offering is a beer that combines Buckwheat honey and Belgian Biscuit malt. Buckwheat honey is much darker than other varietals, its coppery in color and is sometimes referred to as “black” honey because unless light shines through it, it appears to be very dark. It has a huge depth of flavor, often being very earthy with a rich malty molasses like character. Combine this with Belgian Biscuit malt which yields a very bready/toasty malt note and you have a very interesting Belgian Pale Ale we are calling Biscuit de Miel (Honey Biscuit). It checks in at 6.25% ABV, is unfiltered to allow its Belgian yeast to shine through with a complex fruit note and finishes with a slightly sweet flavor.

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