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Monday, May 31, 2010

Smoked Porter

Our latest offering is one of my favorite styles of beer that I feel never gets enough love. Smoked Porters are sort of a niche beer in the way that people tend to love or hate them.The ones that love them tend to describe them at times as drinking a barbecue pit, the ones that hate them describe them the same way. I side with the former as I'm a fan of smoked food whether it be meats,fish or cheese. This is a great beer to enjoy with such treats as it will not get buried in flavor like some lighter ales and lagers might.
This version utilizes an English-style robust porter recipe consisting of mainly Maris Otter barley malt,Chocolate malt, Black Patent malt and caramel malts.The smoked malt however is derived from a German maltster who smokes their barley over Beechwood fires producing and extremely pleasant smokiness without much acrid character.Its hopped with English East Kent Goldings and fermented with an English ale yeast which leaves some subtle fruit esters and residual sweetness to help balance the smoke and roasted malts.At 5.5 % ABV its very session-able yet is a very full bodied beer.

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