Franklin's Brewery

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Hippity Hoppity Series

Volume 1

Sir Hop-a-Lot

I like big hops and I cannot lie.
You other hopheads can’t deny.
If you like ‘em bitter and juicy.
Taste this juicy double.
Hop-a-Lot’s in trouble.
This beer’s got hops!

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later, you know when your adolescence merges with adult hood. In this case its the hip hop music of the 80s & 90s merging with the big bold hop flavors of a Double IPA,thus giving birth to Franklin's Hippity Hoppity Series.

The first installment is Sir Hop-a-Lot
, an American Double IPA loaded with hops from front to "back". Despite its clever and witty name, this is a beer that's meant to be taken seriously. To ensure this I employed massive amounts of honorable hops including Warrior, to unleash the fight within and Glacier because SHL is not only hoppy, but cool. This however wasn't enough because I felt the need continue hopping this bad boy with Centennial,Chinook,Columbus and Simcoe. Enough hops already right? Wrong! Its a Double IPA which means its not finished until its dry hopped, so pound upon pound upon pound of hops were added directly to the fermenter. Now this is where a bit of selfish gluttony comes in...I dry hopped it a second time!! That's right,wash,rinse repeat..

So what's the outcome you ask, well its a highly drinkable 8% IPA loaded with the character of peaches,apricots,orange,grapefruit and basically an aroma I wish I could turn into an air freshener.
I'm watching and tasting this beer very closely to assure you the customer get the highest quality, but I can not guarantee how much this will yield or how long it will last. Look for it on tap in mid-June but don't be surprised if we're kicking the keg by Independence Day.


  1. How many installments for double IPA do you intend to do? I prefer the SHL so far, although a if Malty Mark ages a bit I expect it will change pretty dramatically, if it stays around long enough.