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Friday, June 25, 2010

From Dairy to Brewery

Today we welcome our Milk Stout to the taps for our customers to enjoy. Now as we know, historically stout derived from porters in the 18th century, Milk Stout hit its height following World War II. In fact it was common for breweries to tout its nutritional value and promoted it to nursing mothers.Now while we are in no way touting our Milk Stout as a replacement for any of your daily vitamins, we do believe it will hit the spot for the kid in you that wants a more "grown up" chocolate milkshake. Now to make it clear, this beer is in fact brewed with lactose (milk) sugar so if you have an intolerance to this sugar derived from cow's breast milk than I suggest you avoid it. We're pouring this beer exclusively from our nitro tap at the upstairs bar so expect a rich creamy mouth feel with notes of creamy chocolate and subtle roast.

Picture note: The above image is not our Milk Stout, just thought it was a fun picture that conveyed the idea. We won't lace your glass with syrup before pouring, so don't even ask.

Peace, Love and Beer,

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