Franklin's Brewery

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Operation keg kick

This past weekend's American Craft Beer Fest in Boston was a success in my mind as we poured 3900+ beers in under 7 hours of festival time. Accordingly to the festival staff we were the second brewery to run out of beer as we kicked the last drops of Sir Hop-a-Lot around 6:30pm Saturday night, 30 minutes into the last session, with 3 hours still left! We made a lot of good contacts, ran out of business cards and spread Franklin's Nation to crowds upwards 15,000 people over the three sessions.


  1. Well done! Closer to home, will you be pouring at the Northern Virginia Summer Brewfest this weekend?

  2. Hey Tom,
    The short answer is no.I'm new here to the Mid Atlantic scene so I'll have to claim a bit of ignorance as far as this festival. The first I heard of it was a couple weeks ago and prior to that I never got any info or invite ect..... Hopefully (assuming VA laws allow it) we'll be able to participate in things like this in the future.