Franklin's Brewery

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Even white boys got to shout!

We're proud to announce the first beer in the Hippity Hoppity Double IPA series, Sir Hop-a-Lot, has been tapped today. Coincidentally, today I brewed the next beer in the series, Malty Mark and the Hoppy Bunch.

Peace, Love and Lots and Lots of Hops,


  1. Can't wait to try this tonight. By the way, did you all make a change to the Private IPA? Thanks.

  2. Bart, the recent batch of IPA is the same recipe as the previous one...however, we unfortunately experienced a period in which our glycol chiller (cooling unit that allows us to hold each fermenter at a specific temperature) was having issues and the IPA was in primary fermentation when this happened causing the fermenter to get warmer than I typically allow it to. I think this batch is more phenolic (spicier) than the previous.The chiller was fixed shortly after this incident things have been smooth ever since.