Franklin's Brewery

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Van Damme

"In an action film you act in the action. If it's a dramatic film you act in the drama." - Jean Claude Van Damme

"At Franklin's when you order food you eat it. If you order a beer you drink it." - To embarrassed to be sited in a public forum guy

So here we go the last of the bigger Belgians you'll see rolling out of the brewery for a while, a Belgian Strong Dark Ale....Van Damme. Why name a beer after JC? Why not? He's Belgian, has a great name and is one of the world's most sensitive action film stars.

Ok, maybe JC hasn't gotten better with age, but his namesake beer has. Its been lagering in the cellar for eight weeks and will no doubt hold up well as I plan on storing some of it away for future vintage releases. At 10.2 % ABV this beer has some interesting depth balancing a large Belgian malt bill including Special Aromatic,Biscuit,Cara-munich malts and over 100 pounds of sugar added to the kettle to help with some caramelized flavors and a lighter body. Abbey yeast from Belgium gives this beer a distinct fruitiness and complexity along with a touch of sweetness.

Like our beer menu states, "enjoy this from a tulip glass,minus the roundhouse kick".


  1. The Muscles from Brussels. Nice to see you're bringing it strong from PG with a full line-up of beers to American Craft Beer Fest.